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About Us

About Espresso Club – coffee makers


Espresso Club, Israel’s largest direct coffee club, supplies gourmet coffee to over 250,000 coffee lovers at home and at work.  Our coffee comes in capsules with an internationally patented unique shape to allow maximized infusion of the ideal portion (8 grams of roasted ground coffee) evenly, consistently, and so simply.  Espresso Club’s unique capsule system lets you also enjoy other beverages by using capsules with choice cocoa mixes or tea infusions from around the world.

Espresso Club is currently offering capsules also suitable for Nespresso® and Lavazza® coffee makers, making it possible for even more clients to enjoy our high quality coffee.


Our Capsule System

Our capsule system provides a quality coffee experience and convenience that lets more people enjoy gourmet coffee at home and at work.  Every time you press the button, you're assured of consistent quality!


Unique Coffee Makers

Espresso Club’s smart coffee makers come in a stunning array of colors to match all modern kitchens.  Maximum simplicity, one-button click, and your coffee is made.  Espresso Club carries two lines: stunningly styled home products, and professional options for businesses.

התקשרו אלינו ותתחילו עוד היום ליהנות מקפה מפנק ומשובח!