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Our capsule system provides a quality coffee experience and convenience that lets more people enjoy gourmet coffee at home and at work.  Every time you press the button, you're assured of consistent quality! 


A mixture of Arabica beans upgraded with a pinch of selected Robusta to create a richly flavored mixture and intoxicating aroma. (level 5 intensity)
A combination of Arabica beans from South America with tone-enriching Indian Robusta beans, creating a smooth velvety taste. (level 5 intensity)
The popular beloved taste of the Robusta coffee beans from Asia and Western Africa mixed with a measured quantity of Arabica beans, ensuring a prominent, strong and fine coffee mixture. (level 4 intensity)
A mixture of selected Arabica beans from coffee plantations in Southern and Central America, characterized by rich velvety taste and delicate arom. (level 3 intensity)
A mixture of pure Arabica beans from southern Central America, combining the sweet taste of the coffee's creamy foam and the gentle bitterness of the beans. (level 2 intensity)
Quality mixture of Arabica beans in the aroma of traditional recipes from the city of Modena. (level 4 intensity)
A mixture of selected Arabica beans of sweetish taste with hints of cocoa, fruit and almonds, creating a delicate and lasting aroma. (level 3 intensity)
An espresso with a rich flavor and excellent body with nots of bittersweet cocoa and dark chocolate. (level 5 intensity)

התקשרו אלינו ותתחילו עוד היום ליהנות מקפה מפנק ומשובח!